Friday, April 20, 2012

It's a Bake Shoppe Birthday!

It's birthday time at the house and the choice this year...

A Bake Shoppe Birthday Party! 

Here are just a few fun pics... Enjoy!

The "Tip" Practice Station

Each baker was able to practice with the different tips and white icing on wax paper before heading over to their cakes. They are all very serious about their work! 

The "Cake and Icing" Station

mini cake was waiting for each baker at the icing station where they were able to put their new found skills to work!

How adorable are they?!!!

The "Sprinkle" Station

clear favorite amongst the bakers! (Where there may have been a little more "sampling" of the sprinkles than "sprinkling" of the sprinkles!)

The Masterpieces!!!

Seriously, heaps of fun! Plus, how often in life do you get to have your cake and eat it too...

Enjoying the journey,


PS By the way, the invitations were super adorable! I'll post a tutorial on them in a few days. Hint: they were little rolling pins! 


  1. What a lovely and well-organized party! The bakers did a beautiful job on their cakes, and I just love the photo collages.

  2. Shannon, this is just too cute!!! I'm sure lots of fun was had!

  3. Shannon you are just an amazing momy!
    looks like they did a wonderful time!
    miss you so much!
    kisses from your brazilian daughter, giulia

  4. This is great! I love throwing themed parties. You did a wonderful job!